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Board of Trustees

JOHN LIBRETT // Board Chair

As a cancer survivor, Dr. Librett is a past member of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Public Health Advisory Board, Clinical Director of the American Medical Athletic Association's Clinical Advisory Board and past chair of a White House Federal Interagency Health Council. Dr. Librett is a former health scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Institute Clinical Conference Series in Preventive Medicine.  

Dr. Librett is recognized for his leadership in preventive medicine, clinical translation and health policy. On these issues, John has worked with the White House, the US Department of Health and Human Services; and the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as governments and corporations in Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and the U.S.  In addition to his business development, Dr. Librett's health policy research has appeared in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, World News Tonight, and NPR's Morning Edition, to name a few. Dr. Librett is a Founder of the First Ascent Fund, President and Founder of Behavioral Science International, and Adjunct Professor with the University of Utah, College of Health.



Benjamin Rogers served in the U.S Marine Corps, has acted as a consultant to various organizations and political institutions around the world, and is now a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.  Benjamin completed both his Bachelor of Science in International Studies and Master of Science in Finance from the University of Utah, and is passionate about giving back to the local community by partnering with non-profits that are making a difference. 

His passion for the Survivor Wellness stems from his parents’ battles with cancer and the difficulty they both had getting to their treatments regularly and having a support system outside of them.  Ben is a founding board member for Survivor Wellness (formerly Cancer Wellness House), and is also on the board for the Cancierge Foundation.



Alexandra Cochrane is a passionate and dedicated professional health coach with a degree from the NY Institute and School IIN. Alexandra was raised and educated in Gothenburg, Sweden, and later moved to London where she was employed by British Airways as and international Flight attendant for 7 Years. This experience introduced her the many different people, cultures, and approaches to health and complementary medicine throughout the world. Alexandra is a devoted mother of two boys and currently lives in London, and Vero Beach, Florida. 

Having lost both parents to cancer, Alexandra is especially motivated to assist Survivor Wellness clients lead their lives in the most vibrant and fulfilling way.



Dr. Carmel Ferreira is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist who received her Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in her home state, worked as a Research Associate in Cardiology and Hematology Medical Research, attended naturopathic medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) and received her Masters at the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) before completing the STAIR Integrative Residency through Bastyr University, sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics. 

Dr. Ferreira has always felt the need to be involved with her community and has volunteered at various clinics and hospitals in California, Arizona and Utah. Upon moving to Utah, she learned about the Survivor Wellness, and was a volunteer here before becoming a board member.


GRANT JACKSON, MD // Board Member

Dr. Jackson went to medical school with the simple idea of helping people.

"My mom died from cancer when I was nine years old. I remember visiting her in the hospital and seeing the worry in her eyes.  As a nine year old I didn’t feel suddenly “called” to a career in medicine but the experience broadened my empathy towards those who are suffering.  Ultimately these feelings nudged me towards becoming a physician."
Dr. Jackson chose family medicine because he fell in love with the idea of working with people from all walks of life.
"There are so many people with chronic and debilitating medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, fatigue, depression, anxiety, arthritis, and insomnia. Many struggle with several of these problems at the same time."
To better serve his patients, Dr. Jackson extended his training by completing a two year fellowship with the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.
"I am convinced that everyone can prevent or reverse any chronic condition, symptom or concern.  The body has a wonderful innate capacity for self-healing. My passion is to help people activate and enhance the healing process."

Read Dr. Jackson's article, "Caring for Cancer Survivors: An Opportunity for Holistic Practitioners" here.


DANA LEVY // Board Secretary

Current Director of Survivor Wellness, certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) and certified Laban Bartenieff movement analyst (CLMA), Dana's full profile can be found here.




BEA HAMMOND // Emeritus Board Member

Bea Hammond is a third-generation healthcare provider. She grew up in Berlin, Germany. She received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz in 2001.  After practicing acupuncture in California for seven years, she opened the Harmony Acupuncture Clinic here in Salt Lake City in 2008. She treats a variety of health problems, including mental and physical disorders related to stress, hormone imbalance, infertility, post-surgical recovery, migraine headaches, digestive disorders, immune deficiencies and various pain syndromes, as well as side-effects from cancer treatments. She has also worked as an Acupuncture Detox Specialist, providing ear acupuncture to youth in the juvenile justice system to reduce their withdrawal symptoms, cravings and stress. She does a lot of volunteer work with cancer survivors. Survivor Wellness is grateful to Bea for helping start the free treatment program at The Cancer Wellness House.