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#ShowUsYourSummit Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorship opportunities supporting the Survivor Wellness event- #ShowUsYourSummit.

Visionary Sponsor $5,000- 3 Available


Billboard placement St. George UT to Boise ID.

Website placement

5 Email placements

5 Social posts

Celebration of Life spotlight via Facebook Live 

50 Tribute flags- 5 Tethers


Angel Sponsor $1,000  - 5 Available


Website placement

3 Email placements

4 Social Posts

30 Tribute flags- 3 Tethers

Advocate Sponsor $500


Website placement

2 Email placements

4 Social posts

20 Tribute flags- 2 Tethers


Please contact Kate at or (801) 236-2294 for more information on sponsorships. 

Team Tethers

If your company would like to recognize the journey of specific employees affected by a cancer diagnosis, create a group together. Companies can sponsor the team by purchasing a tether of ten flags for $300. Employees may sign up to sponsor the co-worker as well with the sheet below. Hang it in your break room to get started.

Group/Team Sign up Sheet