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Donate Today to Change and Save Lives

This is the house that love built. Our Giving Circle offers levels of opportunities to change the lives of those suffering from the affects of cancer, catastrophic illness or injury. We are committed to ensuring that no one faces this challenge alone.

All donations go directly to Survivor Wellness to help us continue to provide services to those who have been affected by cancer.

Over the past three years, Survivor Wellness has given over 5000 clinical visits to those who aren’t able to afford programs. Nearly 70% of our patients are women with families.


$25 - Initiation Circle      

Provides one Cognitive Impairment Exam to a patient battling the after effects of chemotherapy on cognitive function.

$75 - Angel Circle

Provides one session of massage or reiki for a patient suffering the effects of chemotherapy or neuropathy.

$120 - Sustainer Circle

Provides one family counseling session for a family dealing with an unexpected diagnosis.

$300 - Crusader Circle

Provides six acupuncture sessions for a patient recovering from a surgical or radiation treatment.

$600 - Advocate Circle

Provides six weekly support groups for anyone affected by a diagnosis or injury that is seeking a way out of isolation and loneliness.

$1500 - Visionary Circle

Provides five patients three months of supportive services to improve their quality of life.

$5000 - Promise Circle

Donations at this level share the promise of Survivor Wellness today and for the the future. This promise enables us to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life and well being of all who have been affected by cancer, catastrophic illness or injury.   

Survivor Wellness is a registered 501c3 organization; all donations are tax deductible. 

Survivor Wellness, 59 S 1100 E Salt Lake City, UT 84102

More Ways to Donate:

Corporate Sponsorship

90% of Americans say they’re more likely to trust and stay loyal to companies that actively try to make a difference. Thank you to our current sponsors:
  • Snowbird
  • SME Steel
To donate, please contact

Workplace Giving

Every year, millions of employees get involved in workplace giving campaigns that support nonprofits that improve education, financial stability and health. Find out more about work place campaigns here on United Ways website.
If your workplace has an annual charitable gift campaign where you and your coworkers join together to donate to a good cause- consider having Survivor Wellness as your beneficiary.

In-Kind Donations

If you have any items that you would like to donate such as paper goods, gift cards, books, massage supplies, sheets, yoga supplies, acupuncture supplies. If there is something else you would like to donate please contact us:

Smith's Grocery

Do you shop at Smith’s? A simple way to give back to Survivor Wellness is to link your rewards card with Survivor Wellness, in doing so some money is donated to Survivor Wellness. You can do that through this link

Amazon Smile

Do you make purchases from Amazon? Try using Amazon Smile , sign up and link your account to Survivor Wellness. When you make a purchase Amazon will send money from your purchase to Survivor Wellness.