The Survivor Institute - Training, Education and Small Business Development at Survivor Wellness

The Survivor Institute at Survivor Wellness is an education, training, and small-business development program which supports those who provide valuable integrative oncology care services.

Interested already? See below for details on how to join!

Survivor Institute members include clinicians, interns, practitioners and trainees in the following integrative health care fields:


Mental health counseling


Massage Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy

Yoga Therapy

And more

Survivor Institute members offer integrative oncology care to the Survivor Wellness community while growing their experience and advancing their careers. 

We seek interested, responsible, caring, compassionate, dedicated, innovative individuals to join Survivor Institute, and translate integrative health care practices into community programming and services. Join us!

The Survivor Institute Program offers 4 levels of membership:

  • VOLUNTEER LEVEL: Currently licensed, practicing integrative health care professionals who would like to volunteer their services to the Survivor Wellness community of individuals affected by cancer. Volunteers donate their time monthly to serve the cancer survivor community.
  • INTERN & TRAINEE LEVEL: Interns under clinical supervision who are currently training in certification/licensing programs to become integrative health care professionals, to provide needed services and programming for Survivor Wellness community members. Interns and trainees donate their services in exchange for educational opportunities and supervision; some interns may be eligible to receive a stipend.
  • SMALL-BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEVEL: New integrative health care practitioners who need space, marketing, and referrals in order to develop their clientele and business. Small Business Fellows provide monthly volunteer services and a reduced-rate to Survivor Wellness clients while seeing their own clients at the Survivor Wellness facility at 59 and 57 S. 1100 E, Salt Lake City. Small businesses donate a monthly fee and offer reduced-rate sessions for clients of Survivor Wellness in exchange for client referrals, use of the facilities, PR/marketing, and more.
  • INDEPENDENT BUSINESS LEVEL: Fully licensed, practicing integrative health care businesses who would like to operate their business at the Survivor Wellness facility. Independent businesses donate a monthly fee in exchange for use of the facilities

Become a part of The Survivor Institute!

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Please include a brief summary of your skills and interest in joining The Survivor Institute. We look forward to connecting with you.


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