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Survivor Institute: Connecting Providers with Survivors

Nested within Survivor Wellness, Survivor Institute is an educational and training opportunity for integrative health care Providers (clinicians, interns, practitioners and trainees) in the fields of mental health counseling, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga and movement education, reiki, and more. These integrative health specialists provide services to the Survivor Wellness community while gaining necessary experience in their individual fields.

We seek interested, responsible, caring, compassionate, dedicated, innovative individuals to join Survivor Institute, and translate integrative health care practices into community programming and services. Join us!

Survivor Institute offers 4 opportunities for partnership:

  1. Currently licensed, practicing integrative health care professionals who would like to volunteer their services to the Survivor Wellness community of individuals affected by cancer. (Volunteer position)
  2. Interns under clinical supervision who are currently training in certification/licensing programs to become integrative health care professionals, to provide needed services and programming for Survivor Wellness community members. (Volunteer or stipend-based position)
  3. New integrative health care practitioners who need space, marketing, and referrals in order to develop their clientele and business, and who can provide needed services and programming for Survivor Wellness community members. (Volunteer, fee- or percentage-based relationship)
  4. Fully licensed, practicing integrative health care businesses who would like to share the space at Survivor Wellness Center to see their own clients. (Fee- or percentage-based relationship)

How to Join Survivor Institute:

Please contact Survivor Wellness through the contact form below or via email:

Please include the following: your areas of expertise, certification and/or training; the reason for your interest in Survivorship; and your contact information (email and phone).

You will be contacted by our staff here at Survivor Wellness to discuss currently available positions and relationships, and asked to submit your resume, certifications, and appropriate supporting documents as required. (Interns will be assigned a clinical supervisor.)

After completing an interview and background check, you will be contacted regarding approval, training, and onboarding processes in order to start providing services, programming, and support for the Survivor Wellness community.

We look forward to working with you!