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Programs & Services

At Survivor Wellness, we provide high-quality integrative health care practices including acupuncture, reiki, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, yoga & movement classes, and mindfulness classes. These services are available at free- or reduced-cost to the client.

To join classes and receive services, you must first enroll in Survivor Wellness, and indicate the name of the programming you'd like to join. Once enrolled, you will be contacted by Survivor Wellness with further details.

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Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy sessions are available two Saturdays per month. Massage therapy relaxes body and promotes health in the tissues. Enroll and contact us to book your session now.

Learn more about Massage Therapy and its benefits here:



Reiki sessions are currently available one Saturday per month. Reiki encourages energy flow in the body. Enroll and contact us to book your session now!

Learn more about Reiki and its benefits here:


Yoga & Movement Classes

This includes "Easy Sunday Morning" Restorative Classes, "Mellow Monday Movement" Classes, Thursday "Move Your Body" Virtual Class, and "Coming Home to Your Body" Wednesday Movement Series. Movement can ease pain and increase feelings of wellness.

Learn about current classes and benefits of yoga and movement here:


    Mindfulness Classes

    This includes "Relax Your Mind", twice-weekly virtual mindfulness classes. Mindfulness and meditation practices are shown to increase vitality, focus, and awareness while reducing negative patterns.

    Learn more and find out about our classes here:


    Qigong Classes

    Practice the ancient art of Qigong, blending breath and movement to build health. 

    Learn more about Qigong classes here:


    Community Events

    This includes our Garden Group and other community events to nourish body, mind, and spirit of the individual, the group, and the community.

    Learn more about Community Events and the Garden Group activities here:






    RESUMING IN 2022:




    To find out about upcoming programming, schedule of events, and more, join our mailing list at the link below.

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