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Classes & Services

Survivor Wellness provides high-quality integrative health services at no cost to cancer survivors, their caregivers and family members.

To join classes and receive services, please enroll in Survivor Wellness. Once enrolled, you will be contacted by Survivor Wellness with further details. ENROLL here.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy promotes health in the body, and can provide relief from pain, anxiety and depression through both gentle and vigorous hands-on work. Sessions held in the 57 House.  Learn more here.


Craniosacral Therapy

Through the provider's gentle touch on the spine and limbs, craniosacral therapy resets the nervous system, reducing stress and pain. Sessions held in the 57 House. Learn more here.


Deep Healing Skincare Treatment (Oncology Esthetics)

Our licensed esthetician uses techniques specific to cancer survivors to provide nourishment and hydration to the first layer of the body, the skin. Sessions held in the 57 House. Learn more here.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki encourages energy flow in the body through the light touch and  movement of the provider's hands. Sessions held in the 57 House.

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CLASSES // Yoga, Movement, Qigong & Mindfulness

Yoga & Movement Classes

Includes "Yoga for Health" each Saturday morning, "Flow & Release" each Tuesday evening, and "Coming Home to Your Body" in December.

Held in-person at the studio behind 59 House, Yoga and Movement classes can ease pain, increase feelings of wellness, and also provide an opportunity for social connection. Physical activity, along with sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness, is one of The Four Pillars, and is vital to the well-being of cancer survivors.

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    Online Mindfulness Classes

    Mindfulness and meditation practices are shown to increase vitality, focus, and awareness while reducing negative patterns. Held via Zoom - practice from anywhere!

    Learn more here - register to receive the Zoom link in advance!


    Online Qigong Classes

    Practice the ancient art of Qigong, a powerful blend of breath and movement to build health and strength. Held via Zoom - practice from anywhere!

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    To find out about upcoming programming, schedule of events, and more, join our mailing list at the link below.

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    CLICK HERE TO ENROLL in Survivor Wellness. Enrolling in Survivor Wellness allows cancer survivors and their caregivers and family members to join programs and receive services at no cost.

    Are you a skilled practitioner of any of the above modalities who is interested in working with Cancer Survivors? Join Survivor Institute - details here.