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Wim Hof Breathing Fundamentals


 Rescheduled: May 7th 1:00 PM

Class Description:
What a great time to breathe deep! Let's do some conscious breathing!
In these uncertain times you have an opportunity to connect to the power of your mind, breath and body combined. Access your inner reservoir of peace, strength and renewal. Yes you have it all inside you, no matter what's going on in the external world. My name is Shelley I am here to remember, evolve and reflect your inner strength.
To prepare for this internal journey create a peaceful, relaxed environment. You will need space to lay down and feel completely at ease. 
What we will do!
Theory of the Wim Hof Method
Little science of the breathwork, what it does, why you want to do it.
Breathwork experience with universal orchestras (drum, flute, alchemy crystal bowls)
Time to share with Q & A
Suggestion: familiarize yourself with the breathwork for free at mini class. 
Donation based, I appreciate any donations as I have not worked through this corona time. Venmo @surviorwellness
If you have any questions before the class feel free to contact me through email
Look forward to seeing you for our 90 minute class  April 30th 

Wim Hof Breathing Fundamentals is taught by:


As a somatic healer, Shelley will guide you on a journey to an exquisite internal space where you balance out your central nervous system with fierce expansion and compassion in a way that is instant and complete. 

Shelley’s focus is to inspire and co create with people who are ready for happiness, health and strength. When Shelley is supporting someone through their inner world of evolution and growth she is passionate about the true essence of each unique individual she comes into contact with. Shelley believes in consciously breathing, facing fear and using stress to balance out the internal systems in a way that trusts the body’s wisdom through feeling fully, letting go of what doesn’t serve and moving into an empowered state with whatever you are facing in life. Shelley has been a bodyworker for 11 years. Through her passion of studying the body she received her certification as a Wim Hof Method instructor in 2018. She has lead many people through conscious breath-work and ice baths to gain a better awareness of the mind body connection.