Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy sessions are available at no cost for enrolled members of Survivor Wellness.

Sessions are held in the Yoga Studio behind the 59 House (our main house at 59 S. 1100 E.)

    View the monthly schedule here, and contact us to book.

    Appointments are booked from 2 weeks prior to the date of the session. You may submit a booking request at any time by contacting us.

    Learn more about our Certified Patient Advocate and Yoga Therapist, Kristen, here.

    Yoga Therapy is a growing field of integrative health care using the tools of yoga: physical postures (asana), breath awareness (pranayama), mindfulness and meditation (dharana and dhyana), and development of intention and purpose (dharma) to create whole-person health regardless of one's physical condition. 

    Schedule a session or a set of sessions to experience this effective mind-body practice!

    LEARN about Yoga Therapy:

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    Beneficial Effects of Yoga for Caregivers of Cancer Survivors (PubMed)


    Sessions must be booked in advance; limited number of free sessions offered each month. Contact us with questions or booking requests.

    OUR PROVIDERS ALSO OFFER SESSIONS VIA THEIR SMALL BUSINESSES LOCATED AT SURVIVOR WELLNESS. Enrolled members receive a discounted rate, and a portion of the proceeds benefits Survivor Wellness. Contact us to learn more.