How to Survive a Catastrophic Illness or Injury Like a World Class Athlete

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Posted on January 29 2020

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the physical and mental principals I applied during competitive athletics were the foundation of my successful cancer experience - from surgery, to treatment, to recovery, to wellbeing, to life-long vitality. My medical team believed I represented 1% of the patients they treat.

Survivor Wellness strives to have 100% survive and thrive from the physical and mental disease trauma that results from a catastrophic illness or injury.

Designed for athletes pushing their physical and mental limits, these products can also help those individuals extending the bounds of physical and mental limits as a result of disease trauma.

Gnarly Hydrate

By the time a patient enters a hospital medical center, they are often dehydrated, and remain dehydrated through discharge. This state of chronic dehydration can increase significant risk for fatal, or near fatal, sepsis; increases the risk for physical and mental complications, and slows healing and recovery times. Conversely, being well hydrated, with proper levels of electrolytes, optimizes physical and mental functioning, throughout the disease trauma experience.

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Gnarly Pre-workout
Energy output is a critical function for active business professionals and care providers. Physical and mental stressors associated with a catastrophic illness or injury causes fatigue. In work, recreation, and family settings, chronic fatigue can be highly debilitating. Gnarly Pre-workout was formulated to deliver a natural energy boost while simultaneously increasing endurance and promoting recovery. Particularly important components of this product are beta alanine and branch chain amino acids (BCAA).

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Similar to proper hydration, optimized vitamin and mineral levels can significantly improve physical and mental fitness [define “fitness”], and reduce the time to achieve healing and long-term vitality. Unfortunately, most supplements are very low quality, and may even cause harm through dubious sourcing and processing practices.

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Gnarly Vegan Plant Protein/Gnarly Whey Protein

Issues of tissue atrophy and muscle wasting are highly prevalent among individuals experiencing disease trauma. Compounded by disruptions to digestive health, weight gain and weight loss can become physically and mentally challenging. High performing athletes are skilled at ensuring properly measured protein intake. Measured intake of high quality, easily digestible protein, should be a nutritional foundation for individuals experiencing disease trauma.

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Gnarly Pump

Elite athletes regularly test, and extend, the edge of their physical and mental limits. Products designed to prevent and mitigate an athlete’s injury and burnout rate are ideal for individuals facing physical and mental challenges associated with a catastrophic illness or injury. The components of this product, designed to boost muscle function, stimulate the mind, and keep you charging harder for longer, is perfectly formulated for the professional, dealing with mental and physical disease trauma, who needs to stay at the topic of their game.

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Gnarly BCAAS

Protein intake is critical in reducing muscle loss due to disease trauma. Patients often have difficulty ingesting adequate high quality protein. Incorporating branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) into a daily nutrition plan may compensate for insufficient protein intake.

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Dr. John Librett, Cancer Survivor & Survivor Architect

Founder/CEO, Survivor Healthcare
Executive Chairman, Survivor Wellness






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