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25th Annual Cancer SURVIVORS AT THE SUMMIT on JULY 17, 2022

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our free event, Survivors at the Summit 2022!

Held on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at Snowbird Resort, we celebrate 25 years of celebrating the triumph of the human spirit, paying tribute to the courage and determination of those affected by a cancer diagnosis - survivors, their caregivers, family members, loved ones and friends - and honoring the memory of lives lost to cancer.


  • REGISTRATION IS FREE; you must be registered to attend (and to volunteer).
  • Registration includes Pancake Breakfast, tram ticket, and Celebration of Life ceremony (details below).
  • "Base" suggested donation is $10 per participant; "Summit" by donating an additional amount. All donations support Survivor Wellness programming and services.



MOUNTAIN BREAKFASTFrom 9-11am, enjoy a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit and beverages to fuel your journey to the top. This is also an opportunity to connect with other members of the Survivor community and plan your journey to the summit. Breakfast included with registration.

JOURNEY to the top of Hidden Peak, at 11,000 feet: For many participants, the 3.5 mile hike (taking 2-3 hours) is a major accomplishment. No matter how you choose to ascend - hike, bike, run, or ride the tram - this is a journey which symbolizes your individual "summit". Tram tickets included with your registration.

TRIBUTE FLAGS: Tribute flags, honoring those affected by a cancer diagnosis, are displayed at the summit of Snowbird. As hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and lift riders arrive at the summit in their own time, we spend time with the heartfelt, moving messages that have been written on the flags. Following the event, flags are returned to family members as a keepsake of this powerful and often life-changing experience. Your donation of a Tribute Flag supports Survivor Wellness. Lunch will be served from 12-12:30pm at the summit.

THE CELEBRATION OF LIFE CEREMONY: As the tribute flags fly their messages over the mountainside, the Celebration of Life Ceremony, starting at 12:30pm, features inspiring speakers and live entertainment. The Celebration of Life sends the messages on the Tribute Flags even more deeply into our hearts and further out to the world.

 for Survivors at the Summit 2022!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Be sure to register to attend, then fill in the contact form below, writing "Survivors at the Summit Volunteer" in the subject line. We are grateful for your support.



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