AUGUST 4, 2024 at Brighton Resort

A day in the mountains honoring those impacted by cancer, Survivors at the Summit pays tribute to the journey cancer survivors and their caregivers undergo, while raising funds to support Survivor Wellness. 

This year’s Survivors at the Summit will be held at Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The event includes a Mountain Breakfast at the Alpine Rose Lodge and a Summit Lunch at the newly opened Snake Creek Lodge as well as live music and activities for all ages and abilities.

Participants have the opportunity to hike, bike or take the lift, and summit some of Brighton’s most picturesque peaks to view Tribute Flags flying above the mountains, sending their messages of love, hope, remembrance and encouragement to the skies.  Participants are encouraged to start their summit now with the #WHYICLIMB Challenge - details below.

The deeply moving Celebration of Life honors the cancer survivor community, and the day ends with more music and activities, both at the Lodge and throughout the resort.


Registration is required, and includes both meals for $10/person.

Add-ons include a limited edition 2024 Survivors at the Summit t-shirt (order by July 15). Design TBA!

Click the yellow button below to register.


Start your Summit NOW!

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Make your journey with your TRIBUTE FLAGS* before or during Survivors at the Summit.
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  • Make your own JOURNEY before or on August 4.
  • Join us at Brighton on August 4 to celebrate and honor all the journeys! (Register separately for Survivors at the Summit.)

* Tribute Flags will be available for pickup from Survivor Wellness from early June.

You may order Tribute Flags from the #WHYICLIMB page without participating in the Challenge. Click the "DONATE!" button in the top right-hand corner, choose to support the Survivor Wellness Team, make your donation, and contact us if you will pick up your flags before August 4!

Join the #WHYICLIMB Challenge here!

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