Survivor Wellness Staff

Dana Levy // Executive Director

Dana Levy (she/her) joined Survivor Wellness as Program Director in 2021 after a long career in the fields of dance, movement, martial arts and yoga, both in the U.S. and Japan.

Rebuilding the organization after the pandemic, Dana stepped in as Executive Director from 2023. She is honored to lead this wonderful organization with a rich history of supporting cancer survivors throughout the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.

Dana is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), a certified Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA), has a master's degree in modern dance, and a nidan (2nd degree black belt) in the Japanese martial art of aikido. She has 30+ years in the fields of choreography, performance, martial arts, and movement education.

While living in Tokyo, Dana directed FURLA yoga, a boutique yoga studio in Tokyo, Japan, from 2005-2017. She has taught yoga in Salt Lake City since 2013, training yoga teachers and yoga therapists at local studios, at Salt Lake Community College, and at the University of Utah.

Dana has worked with Huntsman Cancer Institute since 2019 as an adjunct yoga instructor in the Wellness and Integrative Health Center. She is also the co-chair of the Yoga Therapy Special Interest Group for the Academic Consortium for Medicine and Health 

In addition to her directorship responsibilities, Dana also works with the clients of Survivor Wellness, facilitating the Wednesday Evening Support Group, and offering movement classes, private movement/yoga therapy sessions, and retreats. 

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Kirstin Barker, MSW // Health Counselor 

Kirstin (she/her) is a Master of Social Work student at Arizona State University joining the team here at Survivor Wellness. She facilitates our Grief and Healing Group (online) on Thursdays, and is available for Individual Counseling - please reach out for details.

Kirstin received a BA in English from the University of Utah in 2013, followed by invaluable experience at an inpatient hospital working with all age groups, where her passion for mental health flourished. Driven by this passion, Kirstin returned to college to pursue a degree in social work, and is excited to join Survivor Wellness from January to August, 2024.

Maria Vachlon, MSW // Health Counselor 

Maria (she/her) facilitates the Wednesday Night Support Group and is available for Individual Counseling sessions - please reach out for more information.

She joins the Survivor Wellness Team from January-August, 2024. You will often see her sitting and knitting as she facilitates group and individual sessions.

More details about Maria to be revealed soon - please check back!


Leighann Shelton, BSW // Health Counselor

Leighann (she/her) brings a wealth of professional and life experience to her role as a care coordinator, and mental health counselor. As a seasoned Somatic Educator and Manual Therapist, Leighann's comprehensive understanding of body and movement, coupled with her trauma-informed care, enables her to offer compassionate and effective mental health and care coordination support to those navigating cancer.

Leighann’s care plans emphasize the attainability of integration of the whole self, while optimizing function and well-being, even in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Elise Scribner, LCSW // Group Facilitator

Elise volunteers by facilitating the Courageous Conversations Group and runs her private practice at Survivor Wellness.

Elise Scribner (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for building community and exploring an array of modalities around healing cancer. As a brain cancer survivor and thriver, Elise loves to discuss concepts such as radical acceptance, self-empowerment and self-advocating, helpful humor, and the importance of connectedness. Elise had a background in wilderness therapy and through this role she discovered the profound positive impact that arises from combining adventure, time in nature, positive peer group culture, mentoring, and therapeutic support on patient’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Elise also has an academic background in social justice and has taught Anti-Oppression workshops at a variety of different programs. She loves to lead and is excited to be involved at Survivor Wellness.

• Elise also offers individual therapy on a sliding scale for Survivor Wellness patients via her private practice, ThriveOn. Contact us for more info.


Kristen Davis, C-IAYT // Yoga Therapy & Patient Advocacy

Kristen volunteers by offering monthly Yoga Therapy sessions and Patient Advocacy consultations available at no cost for enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact us to book a session.
Kristen (she/her) is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). She is a Board Certified Patient Advocate, educated in Internal Family Systems and holds a B.A. in Fine Arts.
As a body-based therapist, Kristen teaches people to unite body and mind using practices based in the wisdom of their own bodies and ancient cultures, but also in solid science. She has an interdisciplinary, holistic, results-oriented approach and a patient advocate perspective. In individualized sessions, clients can learn and feel how to build physical and psychological self-awareness--then act to regulate their systems, build new neural pathways, align lifestyle to biology and actions to values. Sessions may include movement, meditation, parts work, artistic creation or behavior protocols.
As a patient advocate, Kristen helps clients navigate healthcare systems effectively and with confidence while maintaining safety and autonomy--sometimes using a body-based approach.
• In addition to her volunteer days at Survivor Wellness, Kristen also offers yoga therapy at her home studio in West Jordan. (Survivor Wellness members receive a discounted rate for paid sessions.)  Learn more here!

Jacqueline Morasco // Yoga Therapy

Jacqueline offers Gentle Yoga & Sound, a small group yoga therapy class held twice monthly at no cost for cancer survivors and caregivers who are enrolled in Survivor Wellness.

Jacqueline Morasco, MS, CYT(Certified Yoga Therapist), E-RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher Educator), YACEP (registered continuing education provider), artist, author, healer, retreat leader, science nerd and teacher, is the author of the bestselling book Wake Up and creator of Mantra Oracle Cards, SOUL Sound and Spirited Practice.

Having recently experienced TNBC and its treatment, Jacqueline (she/her) understands the intricacies of dealing with side effects and navigating the health care system. She has over 25 years of energy work, leading retreats, doing ceremony, teaching yoga, meditation and chanting to groups and individuals. Truly, she is a life-long learner and teacher.

Jacqueline writes a blog at You can see her TEDx talk on coordinated healthcare here

Dana Levy, C-IAYT, CLMA // Yoga Therapy & Somatic Movement Education

Dana offers Individual Yoga/Movement Therapy sessions, available at no cost to enrolled Survivor Wellness members on a flexible scheduling basis. Contact us to book.

Dana (she/her) joins Survivor Wellness as a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), certified Laban Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) and somatic movement educator. Dana helps you find movement solutions to achieve better quality of life through intentional movement. She teaches with elegance, intelligence, humanity, humor, clarity and honesty, and encourages her clients to work with attention, intention, interest and enjoyment. A class or session with Dana may include standing, sitting, walking, rolling, reclining, or appropriate hands-on body education, and may also include use of props or other therapy tools. The difficulty level and type of movement depends on the client’s needs and abilities; sessions are engaging, educational, creative, collaborative, and moving. Learn more about Dana here. 


Meg Hansen // Reiki Master, Level III

Meg volunteers by offering monthly Reiki treatmentsavailable at no cost to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact our office to book.

A certified Reiki Master, Meg (she/her) also brings sound work, breathwork and reflexology to her clients. In the mortgage industry for 10 years, Meg moved into the Holistic Wellness field after having a profound change in her personal life. Several years ago, Meg went into liver failure. As she investigated the reason for her sudden decline in health, she was introduced to Adrienne Shulze, who offered Reiki to Survivor Wellness clients from 2018-2023. After dedicating her efforts to both healing with and learning from Adrienne, Meg is happy to say she has completely normal liver functions. Through this experience, Meg has become a devoted advocate of the beneficial effects of Reiki.

Meg grew up in Salt Lake City before moving to Portland, Oregon, to raise her two children. After 12 years in Oregon, she decided to move closer to her family and has been back home ever since. She loves Utah and its year-round outdoor activities.

Meg is truly honored to be able to donate time to the cancer survivor community at Survivor Wellness, and is excited to meet and work with you!

• In addition to her volunteer days at Survivor Wellness, Meg also offers reiki sessions through her small business, Balanced Soul Healing, at 57 House. (Survivor Wellness members receive a discounted rate for paid sessions.) Contact her to book.

Monalisa King // Reiki Practitioner

Monalisa volunteers by offering monthly Reiki treatments, available at no cost for enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact us to book a session.

Monalisa is a 2nd Degree Usui Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, she is currently working to become a Reiki Master. She is passionate about holistic healing. Her technique allows clients to experience a calming, peaceful state, bringing energetic healing to mind, body and spirit, collectively.

Monalisa and her daughter received services from the Survivor Wellness / Cancer Wellness House from 2015-2017, while her husband was battling bile duct cancer and she was his primary caretaker. During that time, she had a desire to give back to Survivor Wellness in some way. Now that she is a Reiki Practitioner, she is excited about the opportunity to help clients, their caretakers and families.

Monalisa's husband died in 2016; at that time, Survivor Wellness provided so many resources to her and her daughter, she is honored to now be able to give back to a place that brought so much healing.   


Lisa Reid // Wayfinder Life Coach, Certified Qigong instructor

Lisa volunteers by offering Life Coaching for Cancer and Beyond, available at no cost to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact our office to book.

Lisa is a Holden certified qigong instructor and is currently
completing certification requirements for Wayfinder Life Coaching. Lisa likes to incorporate a bottom-up, top-down approach to help clients discover ways to make the best decisions to move their life forward. Blending a polyvagal perspective and movement, Lisa can help you understand, through a bottom-up approach, how to relax your nervous system. These powerful tools can make changes in your physiology that can lead to better access of your higher level thought processes. Using a variety of structured “thought work” tools, Lisa partners with clients as they discover ways to make authentic decisions for themselves. Coupled with the embodiment work of qigong where appropriate, she can show you that you can have more control over your physiological responses to stress than you might currently realize. Clients can regain a sense of control, tame the “monkey-mind” and move forward in a direction they choose.
Lisa also enjoys gardening, hiking, camping, foraging, dancing, reading and connecting with family and friends.


KIERA LUCICH, LMT // Licensed Massage Therapist

Kiera volunteers by offering weekly Massage Therapy treatments, available at no cost to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact our office to book.

Kiera (she/her) is a licensed massage therapist and movement educator, and founder/owner of Smart Move Wellness. After a 20 year long career teaching movement, dance, yoga, and special education, Kiera pivoted towards massage therapy. Since completing her massage apprenticeship in 2023, she has launched Smart Move Wellness, an integrated massage and movement practice. Kiera hopes to support people in their cancer journey by addressing chronic pain, fatigue, post-surgical complications, and other complex physical experiences.
Since 2017, Kiera has been part of the Survivor Wellness community in varying roles as a volunteer, board member, general cheerleader, and incubator practitioner. She helped develop the wellness hub for small businesses and the garden program, and is looking forward to further serving the Survivor Wellness cancer community through massage and movement.

• In addition to her volunteer days at Survivor Wellness, Kiera also offers massage therapy sessions via her business, Smart Move Wellness at 57 House. (Survivor Wellness members receive a discounted rate for paid sessions.) Book a session here, or contact us to reach her directly.


Holly Taylor, BSN, RN, HNB-BC // Craniosacral Therapist

Holly volunteers by offering monthly Craniosacral Therapy treatments, available at no cost to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact our office to book.

As a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and Craniosacral Therapy practitioner, Holly combines her background in nursing with integrative tools to assist clients. Her Craniosacral Therapy sessions may also include Acupressure and Reiki. This approach includes the totality of a person's mind, body, emotion and spirit. In a world of extremes we are all striving for more balance and a greater sense of peace. Specifically, in our health care system, there is a gap between 'modern medicine' and 'holistic care'; while many people believe that you must choose one or another, holistic nursing care demonstrates that there is room for both and that they complement each other. Through embracing both, we can achieve balance in our approach to wellness. Holly enjoys hiking with her husband and dogs, and planning their next hiking adventure!

• In addition to her volunteer days at Survivor Wellness, Holly also offers private, reduced-rate craniosacral therapy sessions for Survivor Wellness clients at 57 House. Contact us to find out how to book with her.


Colette Ruff //Licensed Oncology Esthetician

Colette volunteers by offering monthly Deep Healing Skincare sessions, available at no cost to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness. Contact our office to book.

Colette (she/her) is a licensed esthetician specializing in oncology facials and oncology-specific skincare treatment. Nourishing the skin - the first layer of the body - during and after treatment for cancer can provide relief from side effects of treatment, and requires individualized care from a trained practitioner. Colette also focuses on nourishing the digestive system through attention to nutrition. She is trained in reflexology, Reiki and sound therapy, and recognizes that human touch is essential for healing.

An oncology facial (Deep Healing Skincare Treatment) with Colette includes deep skin hydration with hands-on treatment for the face, head, neck, hands, and arms, and may also include reflexology, Reiki, and sound therapy. She uses organic products that keep the skin hydrated, counteracting the drying effects of cancer treatment and environmental stress. Learn more about oncology esthetics here.

Colette is passionate about breast health, educating individuals on how to take care of theirs, as well as creating and selling handmade breast and body oils. She is also a Pranashakti dance instructor, using its dance-like movement to improve energy flow through the body. 

Colette grew up in Utah, and spent 25 years in Austin, TX raising her sons and sharpening her skills. She recently moved back to Salt Lake City, and is happy to be back in the mountains. She enjoys live music, dance, hiking, yoga, meditation and is an avid writer and gardener.

• In addition to her volunteer days at Survivor Wellness, Colette also offers private, reduced-rate sessions for Survivor Wellness clients at 57 House through her startup business, CNB Skincare. Contact her directly to book your reduced-rate session.



Shanti Kieffer // Sound Bath Specialist

Shanti volunteers by offering monthly Individual Sound Baths and Group Sound Baths, available at no cost to enrolled Survivor Wellness members. Contact us to book!

Shanti is also an accomplished percussionist and sound healer. She has offered sound baths since 2021 using percussion and sound to promote healing and relaxation.

A certified 200-hour yoga teacher, Shanti seeks to bring balance and harmony to those with whom she works. She is also a holistic pet care practitioner who is deeply passionate about elevating the bond between companion animals and humans. Shanti is committed to serving the community through her sound bath offerings. A cancer survivor herself since 2004, Shanti is happy to serve the community at Survivor Wellness and beyond. 

• In addition to volunteering for the cancer survivor community at Survivor Wellness, Shanti also offers local community sound baths with up to seven musicians to create a whole-body experience of sound healing. Contact us for her information.



QIGONG (Energy Movement)

Carlos Justiniano // Qigong Instructor

Carlos volunteers by offering weekly Qigong Group classes and monthly Individual Qigong sessions, available to enrolled members of Survivor Wellness.
Contact us to RSVP for group class or to book an individual session!
Carlos (he/him) first encountered Qigong as a young teen in New York's Washington Square Park while waiting for his opponent to make his next move in a speed chess game. However, it wasn't for several decades later that Carlos began formally studying Qigong. Carlos grew up surrounded by both east and west schools of thought. His dad was a science and sci-fi buff, and his favorite uncle was a flower child in the 60s and a yoga and transcendental meditation practitioner. As well, his grandmother was a well-known psychic healer in the New York metropolitan area. Carlos is a 200-hr. certified Qigong instructor.
By profession, Carlos is a Senior Technology Executive at an NYSE-listed public fitness company. However, he likes to think that the energetic healing power of Qigong is what powers his tech career and what allows him to lead a global engineering team from "heart center."
• In addition to his volunteer Qigong classes at Survivor Wellness, Carlos also teaches at local mindfulness centers in Salt Lake City. Visit his website for more information! Learn more about Carlos here!


Shelley Mehr // Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor

Shelley offers workshops in the Wim Hof Method for Survivor Wellness.

As a somatic healer, Shelley (she/her) guides you on a journey to an exquisite internal space where you balance out your central nervous system with fierce expansion and compassion in a way that is instant and complete. 

Shelley’s focus is to inspire and co-create with people who are ready for happiness, health and strength. When Shelley is supporting someone through their inner world of evolution and growth she is passionate about the true essence of each unique individual she comes into contact with. Shelley believes in consciously breathing, facing fear and using stress to balance out the internal systems in a way that trusts the body’s wisdom through feeling fully, letting go of what doesn’t serve and moving into an empowered state with whatever you are facing in life. Shelley has been a bodyworker for 11 years. Through her passion of studying the body, she received her certification as a Wim Hof Method instructor in 2018. She has led many people through conscious breathwork and ice baths to gain a better awareness of the mind-body connection. Learn more about Shelley here!


Jamie Covington // Art Wellness Instructor

Jamie offers Art Wellness sessions at Survivor Wellness events.

Jamie (she/her) has a BS in psychology and is a landscape artist (oil/ plein aire) by hobby. She has worked in art wellness since 2017, starting at Siteman Cancer at Washington University Hospital in St. Louis, MO. After moving to SLC she helped build the Art To Go program at Huntsman Cancer Institute, so patients could participate in art wellness while receiving treatment. She is currently volunteering her time to run the program one day a week for patients and caregivers. Jamie believes healing comes in art, the creation of it, the process of it, and the spark that awaits while gathering the courage to give it a try. 

Jamie is honored to donate her time to Survivor Wellness and hopes that you will find joy and healing from art and its processes. 

In her free time Jamie is a dedicated skier, rock climber and community service advocate/participant. She loves being outdoors and spending time with her family and dog. 


Karen Bayard // Whole Body Laughter

Karen offers Whole Body Laughter sessions for events at Survivor Wellness.  

Karen Bayard (she/her) wrote the curriculum and taught the first ever semester-long, for-credit, college-level Laughter Yoga course in the United States at Salt Lake Community College. Karen has created playshops and fun-infused training programs internationally for Trinity College, Huntsman Cancer Institute, ProBar, University of Utah, Western Governors University & Valley Mental Health. Karen also writes, produces & performs as a stand-up and improv comedian. As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and former Board Member of the Association of Applied & Therapeutic Humor, Karen is passionate about the use of humor & play as tools for vibrant, inspired, and purposeful living. 

• Currently living outside of SLC, Karen also returns periodically to offer River Writing Workshops and comedy performances in town, often at Survivor Wellness! Learn more about her work here!

Catharine DeLong // Music Thanatologist

Catharine is a professional harpist offering sound for events at Survivor Wellness. Learn more about her work here!

Katie Jo Welch // Drum Goddess

Katie Jo offers drum experiences as part of events at Survivor Wellness. Learn more about her work here!



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