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As a cancer survivor, Dr. Librett is a past member of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Public Health Advisory Board, Clinical Director of the American Medical Athletic Association's Clinical Advisory Board and past chair of a White House Federal Interagency Health Council. Dr. Librett is a former health scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Institute Clinical Conference Series in Preventive Medicine.   

Dr. Librett is recognized for his leadership in preventive medicine, clinical translation and health policy. On these issues, John has worked with the White House, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as governments and corporations in Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and the U.S. 

While in medical school, studying epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, Dr. Librett was diagnosed with cancer. During his cancer diagnosis, John developed a deep interest in integrative medicine; including meditation and mindfulness; later attending the Soto and Rinzai Schools and becoming a member of the White Plum lineage.

In addition to his business development, Dr. Librett's health policy research has appeared in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, World News Tonight, and NPR's Morning Edition, to name a few. Dr. Librett is Founder of the First Ascent Fund, President/Founder of Behavioral Science International, Founder/CEO of Survivor Healthcare, Executive Chairman of the Survivor Wellness, Chair of the Utah Cancer Action Network, and Adjunct Professor with the University of Utah, College of Health.



J Kate  served as the Executive Chairman for The Romance Theatre over a four year project. She collected thousands of signatures to stop demolition of the 100 year old structure, getting it listed on the historic registry to prevent possible future demolition. Hoping to "Bring Back The Romance" she recruited board members and a large volunteer base of professionals and volunteers from construction, design, and technical industries. Together they completed restoration of the building and all theater technical components using only grants, and donations. A beautiful community began to grow through organized benefit performances, fundraisers and continued seasons of shows including professional and local performers.

 She went on to work with Alliance Health Networks in their communities for catastrophic illnesses: Cancer Connect, Breast Cancer Connect, Diabetic Connect, HIV Connect, Heart Connect, and Thyroid Connect. As head of social media for, J Kate won Internet Retailer's award for Social Media. This requires sales of over 1 Million across one social platform. Working for Visit Salt Lake, J Kate marketed in behalf of Salt Lake County and the four ski resorts- Alt, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude as a visitors destination. After a year working in Los Angeles she returned to Salt Lake to be near family.  

Things abruptly changed one Cyber Monday when she was stuck by a truck in a crosswalk on the way to work. Seeking healing, she earned a Reiki Master/Teacher certificate. Whether doing administrative work or working as a practitioner, J Kate feels serving clients at Survivor Wellness is the most meaningful work of her life. After the removal of three breast tumors and recovering from a catastrophic injury she feels the healing that comes from being part of the Survivor Wellness community.




 Michael R. Berger // PhD (ca.) , A.P., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)

Trained in China with a Master's degree from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and currently pursuing a PhD at the renowned Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Michael brings the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine practices to modern science. He offer Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Tuina, Qigong and Meditation.

Michael provides patient services that focus on integrative healthcare, by bringing the treasures of ancient wisdom to the science of evidence
based modern medicine, to provide a unique transformational healing experience. By giving equal attention to treating both the root and the branch, or the causes and the manifestations of disease patterns, we seek not only to treat the symptoms, but more importantly, to treat the underlying causes of the symptoms. My approach is particularly successful for health concerns for which western medicine has no answer. 

There is famous saying in ancient Chinese medical literature that states, “The superior physician has no sick patients.” By restoring and maintaining harmony and balance, we can maintain wellness and prevent disease. To this end, we integrate both Eastern and Western methods during the diagnostic procedure, in order to determine the best treatment protocol. We then employ the time tested, evidence based treatment methods of acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina (Chinese Medical Massage), cupping, herbal medicine, heat therapy, and other methods to achieve the most optimal results. 


Louise Gallagher, L.Ac. recently opened her acupuncture practice in Park City.

In building her patient base, a key focus will be helping patients with cancer treatment-related conditions take an active role in improving their health and quality of life.  This has been a passion for the past six years.

She has seen first hand all of the ways that acupuncture and other healing methods can successfully alleviate pain, as well as reduce the severity of symptoms and side effects of illnesses and medical treatments.  In addition to acupuncture, Louise uses e-stim acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping and reiki in treating patients. Louise is a nationally certified Diplomat of the NCCAOM (acupuncture's national governing board), is licensed in Utah and holds a Masters in Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York and San Diego.   Prior to moving to Park City, she treated patients in Dory Ellen Fish's private acupuncture practice in Bryn Mawr, PA for five years. Other conditions that Louise has successfully treated include stress and anxiety, infertility, gastrointestinal and auto-immune diseases and musculoskeletal problems.


Bea Hammond is a third generation healthcare provider. She grew-up in Berlin, Germany. She received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz in 2001.  After practicing acupuncture in California for seven years, she opened the Harmony Acupuncture Clinic here in Salt Lake City in 2008. She treats a variety of health problems, including mental and physical disorders related to stress, hormone imbalance, infertility, post-surgical recovery, migraine headaches, digestive disorders, immune deficiencies and various pain syndromes, as well as side-effects from cancer treatments. She has also worked as an Acupuncture Detox Specialist, providing ear acupuncture to youth in the juvenile justice system to reduce their withdrawal symptoms, cravings and stress. She does a lot of volunteer work with cancer survivors. She helped start the free treatment program at The Cancer Wellness House, and provides free acupuncture treatments once a month.




As a somatic healer, Shelley will guide you on a journey to an exquisite internal space where you balance out your central nervous system with fierce expansion and compassion in a way that is instant and complete. 

Shelley’s focus is to inspire and co create with people who are ready for happiness, health and strength. When Shelley is supporting someone through their inner world of evolution and growth she is passionate about the true essence of each unique individual she comes into contact with. Shelley believes in consciously breathing, facing fear and using stress to balance out the internal systems in a way that trusts the body’s wisdom through feeling fully, letting go of what doesn’t serve and moving into an empowered state with whatever you are facing in life. Shelley has been a bodyworker for 11 years. Through her passion of studying the body she received her certification as a Wim Hof Method instructor in 2018. She has lead many people through conscious breathwork and ice baths to gain a better awareness of the mind body connection.



Elizabeth has practiced as a licensed massage therapist in Salt Lake City since 2002, graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Elizabeth works with a range of clients including children, prenatal, seniors and hospice patients, and seeks to improve her client’s sense of well being with each treatment.


Sofya moved from the former Soviet Union to Utah 28 years ago. Sofya is a licensed massage therapist since she graduated from Cortiva Institute in March 2108. Sofya is a cancer survivor and currently is in remission. Sofya’s compassion for cancer patients brought her to the Cancer Wellness House to volunteer in helping those who are going through the “journey” she had personally experienced in the past. During those dark days Sofya says she felt vulnerable yet loved and taken care of. Getting better has motivated Sofya to become a licensed massage therapist. By paying forward, Sofya is making changes in people’s lives, and helping those affected by cancer.




Science geek, foody, athlete, and nature lover, Jesse’s passions have developed into a lifestyle and career. After graduating with a master’s degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, Jesse worked in a clinical based setting at Full Circle Care. Working alongside Naturopathic physicians taught Jesse more than he could imagine. In January of 2018, Jesse took his knowledge and began his own nutrition practice. Through his experience and research, Jesse has developed effective nutrition techniques to help clients with health complications.Apart from nutrition, Jesse also is a competitive trail runner. He competes in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile mountain races. 



 Sheri Dunleavy // CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist // ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor // YOGA


 Sheri's passion is giving back to the community that took the life of her mother and several dear friends through fitness / movement well being. She was drawn to Survivor Wellness House during her YOGA teacher training where she continues to volunteer classes.

 Sheri specializes in Functional Fitness Training, Exercise for Cancer Patients/ Survivors/ Trauma, Injury Prevention, Mobility, and Pain Management. She is an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast who trains everyone from Weekend Warriors to Athletes to New Moms. Sheri encourages everyone to use nature as a healthy balance.

 With over 30 years in the Fitness Business "I'm passionate about helping others meet their fitness goals by blending the science of human anatomy with the pure joy of movement!"

 Kris Ford // Yoga

Kris is excited to be teaching yoga at Survivor Wellness. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer the day before Thanksgiving in 2012, one month after losing her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. Shortly after receiving the Breast Cancer diagnosis she heard a voice in her head that said, “Just think, now you’ll be able to help people in ways you never could before.” Already being addicted to service, this set her on a journey, where cancer became a blessing in her life, because of the people and experiences she has had. Kris has participated in services & treatments at Survivor Wellness, for more than 7 years. 

Kris has an “Associates Degree in Commercial Art,” studying Graphic Design, from The College of Southern Idaho, a “Bachelor Of Science In Art Degree,” studying Photography & Painting from Utah State University. Most recently receiving her 200 hour “Yoga Teacher Training Certificate” from Salt Lake Community College in Dec 2018. She is an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and the American Heart Association. A 15+ year volunteer with the Utah Food Bank, has volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House, was a 2002 Winter Olympic/Paralympic Volunteer and many, many other organizations. She participates in at least 5 walks, to bring awareness to her causes, every year, which includes Survivors at the Summit. 



Maeve found yoga over 5 years ago, after moving to New York City from Columbus, Ohio. Overwhelmed with the pace of life in the city as well as the demands she set upon herself at work as a teacher in a struggling school, yoga became a shelter in the storm. Combining physical exercise and wellness with meditation and a connection to the divine presence in all of us, yoga gave her just the balance she needed. Maeve began teaching yoga to her elementary students and then became certified in May of 2018 with Breathe for Change, a social-justice based organization in New York City. Maeve's classes are Vinyasa flows that are modified to the needs of the individuals in the room. 

Maeve recently moved to Salt Lake City and is excited to work as a volunteer offering yoga classes at Survivor Wellness. She firmly believes in the healing powers of yoga and hopes to help her students feel more empowered, calm, and mindful on and off of the mat.

Maeve's restorative "Friday Night Flows" at Survivor Wellness House often begin with meditation and the consideration of a yogic theme. After centering our practice, we move into sun salutations and a few standing poses, with ample modifications available. After that, we slow down the class and take a series of restorative poses, holding each for several minutes. Throughout the class, we connect our breath to our bodies and explore how yoga can impact our immune systems as well as our mental health and overall wellbeing. 


Natalie moved to Utah from the UK in 2015. She was only supposed to stay for five months, but her love of the outdoors got the better of her and she now calls SLC home! Natalie discovered yoga shortly after moving to Utah and it has inspired her to live a more mindful and present life. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance approved Vinyasa Flow training with Salt Lake Power Yoga and loves to both teach and practice yoga. 

Natalie has had multiple family members and friends whose lives have been impacted by Cancer and previously volunteered for a Cancer Hospice in the UK. She has seen the work that is being done at the Cancer Wellness house and feels passionately about helping wherever she can. She is looking forward to  to connecting with the community going forward!



 Melissa completed her undergraduate work in Psychology and Biology at the University of Miami in Florida and her Masters in Business at the University of Utah.

A lifelong passion for healing and the sciences drew Melissa to the yogic and meditative disciplines. As a long time dedicated practitioner, she has witnessed the powerful therapeutic effects of the ancient healing arts in herself and countless others. This understanding became even more poignant for her following a nearly fatal bicycle accident in 2008. 

Cancer has been a ubiquitous thread throughout Melissa's life as it has touched nearly every member of her family. Melissa has been involved in Western healthcare for her entire career and has come to see that Western medicine is just beginning to grasp the powerful benefits of the Eastern ancient healing sciences. 

Having experienced the compelling opportunity for complete transformation and rebirth the meditative sciences offer, she is excited to bring these practices to the Cancer Wellness Community. Thrive on!



Kiera Lucich is a neural integration specialist and owner of Smart Move Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Kiera taught and performed dance professionally throughout the United States until landing in Utah in 2013 for a dance and yoga directorial program position at an international boarding school. Over the years, her love for dance evolved into a deep passion for wellness through neural integration, a movement-based method for rehabilitating neural pathways. Drawn to the holistic services of the Cancer Wellness House, Kiera is weekly volunteer serving as a restorative partner yoga practitioner, specializing in pain management and energetic balancing. She also serves as a Cancer Wellness House board member, with the goal of continuing their mission to build a wellness community, provide support and encourage people to live their brightest life as they conquer cancer.

Qigong and Tai Chi



I am originally from New Jersey but I now reside in Utah. I work as an IT software project manager but have always been drawn to nature and helping others and find that it’s what truly makes me happy. I found at a young age that I had a natural ability to heal animals and have grown that love of healing into my own Angelic Crystal Reiki business.I am an Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner, Certified Angelic Reiki Master, USUI Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master & Pet and Animal Reiki Master. I use a combination of natural Crystals, Crystal Grids, Angel and Reiki energy, combined with Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls to help heal. My goal is to share my gifts to help as many people, pets and animals as possible.


Adrienne a cancer survivor 15 years and counting, which she is thankful.

Knowing from an early age she was a healer, just unsure how or in what modality. She comes from an active background and naturally pursued her Personal trainer and nutrition certifications as they go perfectly hand in hand. She discovered her passion is in nutrition becoming rooted in an understanding of how deeply food has an effect on our bodies and how it can help heal us.

She knew there was more to being healthy then just food and exercising and was introduced to Reiki Energy Healing. This bridged that gap she was looking for. Adrienne became certified in Reiki I, II, and Master, gaining an excellent understanding of how we can ultimately heal our own bodies through this ancient technique as well as healing through sound. Understanding wholeheartedly and believing that we are more non-physical than physical, we are more energy than matter, and that sometimes illnesses and disease can come from emotional trauma never dealt with.

As a proud Reiki Master, Adrienne has been practicing Reiki for the past year working on both people and animals. She continues to enrich her knowledge in this effective technique as well as learning other healing modalities to better serve those who are open to the magic of energy healing.




Carly is passionate, interactive, transparent, and very conversational. Carly believes it is important that we take some time to feel out if we are a good fit for one another. When in alignment, therapy is powerful, transformative, and effective, and it works best when both the client and therapist are committed to the process together. Carly invites your willingness to take risks, to make mistakes, to experience your humanity. Be willing to ask all the questions, to be curious, open, and steadfast in transforming and actualizing to your dreams. All my Blessings. Carly is relatable, personable, and nurturing while willfully walking with you towards the light. Carly is committed as your soul accomplice and ally, as a devoted and loving traveler, to help you to answer the calling of your souls longing.  Carly is trained in Somatic Healing, Reiki, Yoga Asana and Depth Inquiry, Wilderness Ritual/Ceremony/Dream Work.




Eric was born and raised in SLC, UT. He learned at an early age that close relationships and effective communication were very important to living a happy life. This desire to build bridges with others and express himself led Eric to receive a bachelor's degree in music from the University of Utah, and then to teach and perform professionally throughout the intermountain west. During this time, Eric felt the need to follow a more clinical calling, which he explored via a master's degree in gerontology at the University of Utah. Eric is very excited for the opportunity to work at Cancer Wellness House, assisting individuals in navigating resources and solutions to achieve the fullest potential of wellness.



Since Miriam was a young girl she has been interested in mental health and how the mind works. This led her to looking for opportunities to help others through their mental health journey as she has been helped throughout her life. Miriam received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Dixie State University. She decided to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Denver with a concentration in Mental Health and Trauma. She wishes to pursue a career of therapy and clinical social work. She hopes to work with individuals and families and help them learn to navigate life and the hardships that come with it. Miriam's previous experience was working in a residential shelter with women and children experiencing the trauma of intimate partner violence. Through helping them with their trauma and experiences, Miriam became dedicated to teaching others the importance of working on mental health as much as other aspects of their lives.