Deep Healing Skincare Treatment (Oncology Esthetics)

Starting from Wednesday, Sept. 28, 75-minute Deep Healing Skincare Treatment (Oncology Esthetics) sessions with Colette will be offered at no cost to cancer survivors and their caregivers and family membersSessions are held in the 57 House (north of our main house at 59 S. 1100 E.)

You must be enrolled in Survivor Wellness to book a session. To enroll in Survivor Wellness, please visit this page. 

VIEW CALENDAR HERE and contact us to book.

    A Deep Healing Skincare Treatment includes deep skin hydration with hands-on treatment for the face, head, neck, hands, and arms, using organic products that keep the skin hydrated, counteracting the drying effects of cancer treatment and environmental stress. Nourishing the skin - the first layer of the body - during and after treatment for cancer can provide relief from side effects of treatment, and requires individualized care from a trained practitioner. Treatments may also include reflexology, Reiki, and sound therapy. 


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