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“An individual is considered a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis, through the balance of his or her life. Family members, friends, and caregivers are also impacted and are therefore included in this definition.” (NCI, 2021)

At Survivor Wellness, programming is available to cancer patients and cancer survivors, as well as their family members, loved ones and caregivers - collectively, CANCER SURVIVORS.


• Please ENROLL to participate. Click here to enroll.

• Enrolled members receive lifetime access to free and reduced-rate services and support at Survivor Wellness.


•Visit the SCHEDULE page to view all programming.

• GROUP CLASSES: Please RSVP by 24 hours in advance (by email or phone). Group class schedule is consistent from month to month.

• INDIVIDUAL SERVICES: Please book the following in advance (by email or phone). Individual services schedule may vary from month to month; you may book for the following month near the end of the previous month.)

Individual Counseling Services (including Mental Health Counseling, Patient Advocacy, Life Coaching)

Individual Therapeutic Bodywork Services (including Reiki, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Healing Skincare Treatment)

Individual Movement Therapy Services (including Yoga Therapy, Energy Movement (Qigong), Sound Baths and more)

    Individual Services are provided by our compassionate, skilled volunteer provider staff. Several of our volunteers are part of our Wellness Hub, running their small businesses at our facility. You may also book reduced-rate private appointments them separately. Please contact us for more information. 

    • EVENTS, WORKSHOPS and RETREATS are held periodically, and include Community Events, Garden Parties, Workshops, and Half-Day Retreats. All paid events are offered at a reduced rate for members of Survivor Wellness.

    The best place to start at Survivor Wellness is at the 59 House. We welcome new members to join the Wednesday Night Support Group, held weekly in the front room of the house at 59 S 1100 E from 5:30-7:30pm. Do not hesitate to join!

    Please note: the last Wednesday of each month is a pot luck - you are welcome to bring a snack or dish to share, or simply come to be nourished!

    For a tour of the facility, please contact us via the form below or by phone (801-236-2294) to schedule a visit.


    SURVIVORS at the SUMMIT, held each summer at Snowbird, is an annual event held continuously for over 25 years. Join the journey to the Summit. Carry your own Tribute Flags. Carry on this community tradition. Registration begins in the spring. 

    DONATE! Survivor Wellness is a nonprofit organization; your gift is tax deductible. We are supported by individual donors, corporate donors, and foundations.

    VOLUNTEER! To volunteer at events, in the houses, or in another capacity at Survivor Wellness, please visit the  page.

    The SURVIVOR INSTITUTE is our Wellness Hub, helping the skilled practitioners to provide Individual Services at Survivor Wellness as a trainee, student, or small businessperson. Contact us if you are interested in offering your services to the cancer survivor community as a volunteer provider, and/or to develop your practice at our facility.

    Contact us with any questions via the form below. We look forward to supporting you, wherever you are in your relationship with cancer.