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“I can get answers that the doctors can’t answer.” Daryl


“One big thing – the people here. It’s always good to come here to meet new people every week to exchange news, to be happy with them, or be sad with them, whatever happens. It’s an important group and it always helps to be here. There were a few new faces here and some old faces coming back. It’s always nice to see and hear about them. My wife is also a member of the group, and she is receiving the services too. - Klaus


“[I recommend Survivor Wellness to] anybody that is going through cancer or has surgeries coming up or already had surgery. People that know people that have cancer and have a hard time dealing with it. People that have lost people or people that are caregivers, they can help by knowing what we’ve gone through, so they can see what the other people have gone through. One time I left a card with my oncologist office, I said, “Here you go, can you give this to anybody who needs it?” – Patty