Reiki Sessions

75-minute Reiki sessions with Meg or Mandy are offered at no cost to cancer survivors, their caregivers and family membersSessions are held in the 57 House (north of our main house at 59 S. 1100 E.) 

You must be enrolled in Survivor Wellness to book a session. To enroll in Survivor Wellness, please visit this page. 

VIEW THE CALENDAR and contact us to book.


The practice of Reiki is intended to reduce stress, promote relaxation and restore balance to the individual through movement of energy. Originating in Japan, the name Reiki combines rei, translated as universal life, and ki, translated as energy or life force. The practice of Reiki is a subtle, effective form of energy work.

Reiki addresses the life energy that flows through all living things. A person’s “ki” (energy/life force) should be strong and free-flowing. When it is, their body / mind is in a positive state of health. Weak or blocked energy is viewed as a symptom of  physical or emotional imbalance.

During a reiki session, a practitioner lightly places their hands on or just above a person with the intent of facilitating a person’s healing response. It is a simple and safe complementary health approach, with no evidence of harmful side effects.

Reiki is effective for physical and mental relaxation, stress reduction, and increasing one’s sense of vitality. Clients of Reiki typically report experiencing the relaxation response and often report an increased sense of well-being and peace. Many have reported Reiki helping reduce stress, increase energy, improve sleep, reduce other physical, mental, and emotional discomfort.



From Penn Medicine: 

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