Massage Therapy

75-minute Massage Therapy sessions with Tami are generally offered one day per month at no cost to cancer survivors and their caregivers and family membersSessions are held in the 57 House (north of our main house at 59 S. 1100 E.)

You must be enrolled in Survivor Wellness to book a session. To enroll in Survivor Wellness, please visit this page. 

    VIEW THE CALENDAR and contact us to book.

    WHAT to expect: Our massage therapists are licensed in the state of Utah to provide professional, oncology-specific, hands-on treatment. Robes and other amenities are provided. Sessions are held in the treatment rooms of 57 House (north of the main 59 House). 

    ABOUT Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is widely recognized for helping to relieve pain (including chronic pain), promote relaxation, and improve mood (links to research below). Massage therapy sessions are hands-on -  the provider presses, kneads and rubs the client's muscles and other soft tissues of the body to help release accumulated tension. 

    Various techniques and styles of massage therapy exist, which may include long strokes, kneading, circular movements, and vibrations—characteristic of Swedish massage. Other forms of massage, such as deep tissue massage, may focus on the deepest layers of muscle and soft tissue by using use more firm pressure and slower strokes. Massage therapy techniques may be tailored to fit the needs of the patient and may vary depending on the expertise and training of the massage therapist.

    In recent years, scientific literature has produced evidence of the benefits of massage in greater measure than ever before. Rigorous reviews of dozens of studies have shown results which indicate the effectiveness of massage in relieving pain in cancer patients, especially with surgery-related pain. Massage therapy may also help to relieve other common symptoms or adverse effects, such as nausea, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.  People with cancer should receive approval from their health care provider before receiving deep or intense pressure massage.

    You may also book additional paid sessions with Tami at a reduced rate for Survivor Wellness clients.

    ARTICLES on Massage Therapy:
    From the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and the National Cancer Institute:


    Are you an experienced, compassionate Massage Therapy practitioner, Craniosacral Therapy practitioner, or other skilled bodyworker interested in working with Cancer Survivors? Join Survivor Institute - details here.