Life Coaching for Cancer and Beyond

Life coaching is a partnership between the coach and client to facilitate a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to navigate change and create growth. Find your "what next"! Offered at no cost to Survivor Wellness clients.

In-Person and Virtual sessions with Lisa

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Life coaching sessions with Lisa include not only traditional verbal communication practices, but also the embodiment and stress management tools of qigong.

Lisa incorporates a "bottom-up, top-down" approach to help clients discover ways to make the best decisions to move their life forward. She encourages you to relax your nervous system via accessing the polyvagal system through simple, powerful movement. This can make changes in your physiology, offering better access to your higher level ("executive") thought processes.

Using a variety of structured “thought work” tools, Lisa partners with clients in discovering ways to make authentic decisions for themselves. Coupled with the embodiment work of qigong where appropriate, you may find that you can have more control over your physiological responses to stress than you might currently realize.

Clients can regain a sense of control, tame the “monkey-mind” and move forward in a direction of their choosing.