Walking Group at Red Butte Gardens

Move through the beauty of Red Butte Garden with the Survivor Wellness community.  

Held every Sunday from 11am-1pm. 

Meet at the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center!

Join us to experience the changing seasons of the gardens as you walk, take photos, draw, write, or simply be with the beauty available. Family and loved ones are welcome to join!

This group is for all individuals of all abilities; you may walk as much or as little as you like (beautiful seating areas are available in the Orangerie, in the courtyard, and throughout the gardens).

Much of the garden is ADA-accessible (click to view RBG’s general info). 

Facilitated by rotating staff: Dana, Oriah, and other SW staff

Please note:

  • Up to ten participants are allowed per Walking Group visit. Currently, no reservation is required to join. In the future, a reservation system may be necessary. Thanks for your understanding. 
  • If you arrive after 11am, please let the Visitor Center staff know that you are a member of Survivor Wellness. Once inside, you may wander at will. We will meet again at 1 pm, or you may leave when you are ready.
  • A Survivor Wellness staff member will be on the premises from 11-1.
  • Bring weather-appropriate walking gear, such as walking shoes, sun protection, a water bottle, etc. 
  • Red Butte Gardens is located at 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City.
  • We are grateful for the sponsorship of Red Butte Gardens for this program!